Localization Services

Our core competence is direct marketing and we also excel in traditional, digital and social media marketing.

The world of marketing is truly complex, so if your company is trying to find out how to generate more sales, how to find new target segments or do strategic and tactical marketing actions, don’t waste a minute more and contact us immediately.

  • Digital marketing 

  • Direct marketing

  • Content marketing and social media marketing

  • Circulation marketing

  • Demographic information addresses and Finnish Transport Safety Agency addresses

Mixtra has a strong skill set concerning e-commerce business in Finland, Nordics and rest of Europe.

We have helped numerous clients in translating and localizing their website, setting up a web shop, designing graphic interface and optimizing e-commerce processes.

We also offer high quality training concerning better e-commerce – how to get started and what legislation one must follow.

  • Website translation and localization

  • Establishing web shop platform and layout design

  • Optimizing e-commerce processes

  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

  • Graphic Design

Are you interested in outsourcing your customer service or other supportive services? 


We offer high quality customer service for web shops and other clients, quick return handling, affordable storage space and also pick&pack-services.

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